Counter-Strike Betting

As the popularity of e-sports grew, it was only a matter of time before it attracted the interests of bookmakers looking to offer action on one of the fastest growing competitive markets in the world. Today, you can place bets and wagers on a number of e-sports games, with Counter-Strike amongst the most popular for both oddsmakers and bettors alike. Why? Unlike League of Legends or Overwatch, which both feature a lot of flashy graphics and masses of colourful animations, Counter-Strike is extremely easy for the spectating audience to follow, which is an absolute must if you plan on trying to convince people to bet on the outcome.

Early Stages of CS Betting

When wagers on CS games were first introduced, you were limited to only being able to bet on the total outcome result. This was extremely straightforward and was necessary in order to establish the proper rules and regulations, but it was obvious from the start that this wasn't going to form the be-all and end-all solution, as fans wanted to be able to bet on multiple parts of a CS match.

Today, you can wager on multiple different outcomes in a CS game, similar to what you see in football bets and other mainstream sports. For example, you can bet on the total number of rounds that will be played before a winner is decided, who will win the rounds where only pistols are used, and much more.

The Current Betting Market

Here are examples of some of the current bets you can place:

This is a straight up bet on who will when the match, regardless of how many rounds it goes on for or any other factors. This is where CSGO real money bets began and is still one of the most popular bets placed.

Have a favourite CS team you want to wager on winning the entire tournament? It's an exciting bet that creates team loyalty and adds a tremendous amount of excitement as you watch your squad of choice fight their way up the tournament ladder.

Since most major CS tournaments have two halves, there will be two pistol-only rounds, one at the beginning of each half. You can bet on one of the rounds or both, and you can pick a different team to win either of the two rounds. This is a fun bet because even though one team may be losing overall, they might have a reputation as being a stronger pistol-only team, allowing you to capitalise on their core strength, if only for that round.

Special Bets

A handful of the larger bookmakers are adding special bets that are just like prop bets found in the Super Bowl (who will win the coin toss, how long will it take the singer to finish the national anthem, etc.). For CS, this may include whether or not a specific map will be used on the opening day of competition or if a well-known player will get a certain type of unique kill, like a knife elimination.

If you want to come out on top with your CS bets, you're going to need to know the teams that are competing. Just about every CS team has maps they are better on than others, or have a track record of always losing to a particular squad. Knowing these details will help enable you to make smart decisions. Visit the tournament website and look up the stats of the teams involved. Also, pay attention to any last minute roster changes or personal details (has one team not been getting along lately?) that could affect an outcome. Do your homework and it will pay off in the end.

Tips and Strategies