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Developed at the turn of the new millennium, Counter-Strike is regarded as being one of the pioneers of online competitive gaming, having established several of the tropes that have been used by many games since. The classic Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist format and many of the game's primary mechanics remain unchanged to this day, reinforcing the fact that so many fans believe the original version of CS to be a perfect game. The game continues to have a player base nearly two decades later, which reaffirms its popularity. Since inception, there have been three official sequels (Condition Zero, Source, Global Offensive) and a handful of spin-off titles. Currently, it reigns as one of the four most popular Esports games in the world and often ranks as the most popular Esports first-person shooter title being played globally.

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As the popularity of e-sports grew, it was only a matter of time before it attracted the interests of bookmakers looking to offer action on one of the fastest growing competitive markets in the world.

History of Counter-Strike

  • Half-Life: Counter-Strike
  • Condition Zero
  • Global Offensive (CS: GO)